TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders

The app displays your device Calendar's events and Reminders' items in one sorted by time list. You see them all at one glance with time left until.

See the demo on the YouTube:


  • Time in various formats and units
  • See only calendar events or only reminders items or both
  • Filtering by calendars
  • Optionally use calendars colors
  • Select important stuff to check it separately

The app settings are shared among your devices with iCloud.

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders main app view

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders: No colors, coundown in days

Available on iPad and iPhone, download it on App Store:

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders - iPhone/iPad

No fancy user interface or distracting graphics is between you and your data

See the time until an event in full format, or only in months, or weeks, or days; use if you want the calendars colors:

The app settings are shared between your devices with iCloud. You can see separately the calendars events, or only reminders items, or both together in the same list. Also, select which calendars to use to show events in the list. Here are the settings:

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders Settings

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders Important events view

Select important events and reminders with single tap and then have a look at the selected list when needed.

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