Blindfold Chess 5x5
Minimalistic chess challenge

A minimalistic and speedy version
of classic chess game

Available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

iPad / iPhone

Check that you possess a blend of memory, visualization, concentration, and adept chess skills to succeed in playing a blindfolded variant of chess on a 5-by-5 board.

There are multiple levels of difficulty available, and the game can also be played in the standard, non-blindfold mode. This fast-paced version is a perfect adaptation of the timeless classic, catering to our fast-paced world.

Blindfold chess tests not only one's chess prowess but also mental acuity and agility, even when playing this simplified, modern variant of the classic game.

Played on a 5 x 5 board with fewer pieces (one rook, knight, bishop, and five pawns), each game can be completed in minutes. The castling and pawn double-moves are not allowed.