TimeTill for Calendar
and Reminders
for iPhone and iPad

Calendar events and Reminders items unified list

Event tracker app that gathers info from the Calendar and Reminders


Available for Mac:

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders iPhone/iPad app download

From SOFTPEDIA review:

"The Calendar and Reminders applications that come integrated with the system are ideal for keeping track of upcoming events or tasks that you need to perform."

"Since all the information is already on the system, you get to use TimeTill without having to waste time adding the event details all over again."

"TimeTill is a small yet efficient application that brings all the information in the same user interface, allows you to filter the entries by calendar or importance, and lets you know how much time is left until each event."

"Unsophisticated solution for centralizing Calendar and Reminders entries."

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders for Mac

See events form shared Google and other calendars

View all your built-in calendar events and built-in reminders items in one consolidated list with calculated countdown times and time passed since events

Sort the events list by time and filter by calendar, or bring forward only the critical entries

Check how much time is left until every event or how much time elapsed since them

See separately the calendars events, or only reminders items, or both together in the same list. Also, select which calendars to use to show events in the list

See countdown time in other formats

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders iPnone/iPad app download

Filetering by calendars

See the time until an event in full format, or only in months, or weeks, or days; optionally use the calendars colors