Sugar in Cubes & Spoons

With this app, one can easily get the number of teaspoons of sugar or number of sugar cubes for a given sugar content in grams. The results are presented as a picture showing actual teaspoons / sugar cubes and also in numeric form.

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Sugar in Cubes & Spoons

Sugar in Cubes & Spoons - content in Cubes

Most people don’t fully grasp the variety of units (gram, mL, percentages) common on food nutrition labels.

Specifically for sugar, do you really understand how much sugar 32 grams actually represents? Probably not.

Sugar content presented as a picture is much more easily understood and is somewhat eye-opening.

Try the app out on people around you and you’ll be amazed by how much we all underestimate the sugar content in what we’re consuming.

Sugar in Cubes & Spoons - content in Spoons

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