Mini Chess 5x5

A minimalistic and speedy version of classic chess game

Minichess on Mac and iPhone


Minichess is a family of chess variants played with regular chess pieces and standard rules, but on a smaller board. The motivation for these variants is to make the game simpler and shorter than the standard chess.

A board needs to be five squares wide to contain all kinds of chess pieces on the first row. In 1969, Martin Gardner suggested a chess variant on 5×5 board.

There are several chess variants on 5×5 board: Gardner, Baby chess, Jacobs–Meirovitz, Mallett etc. The game was largely played in Italy and opening theory was developed.

Mehdi Mhalla and Frederic Prost weakly solved Gardner minichess in 2013 and proved the game-theoretic value to be a draw.

Apple Watch
iPad / iPhone
Apple TV

Perfect for playing during short work breaks or while-you-wait or anytime

You can play against the computer (several levels of difficulty) or use the app as a chess board when playing with a partner

Exceptions from the standard chess rules: the pawn double-move and castling are not allowed

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