Viewer for Very Large Images

See every last pixel of your high-resolution images directly on your iPad.

Great for viewing full-frame digital SLR camera photos, huge maps, high resolution fine-art reproductions, files from scanners, and elaborate graphic schematics.

  • No hard-coded image size limit, the actual limit depends only on your iPad hardware
  • Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF
  • Organize images into albums
  • Reduce image to lower resolution when image loading speed is a priority
  • Pixel magnify - up to 1:2 pixel viewing
  • Import image files from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

Viewer for Very Large Images

Viewer for Very Large Images

The better iPad you have and the fewer background tasks that are running, the better the performance and actual size limit you will achieve.

How to copy files from your computer to be viewed with the app:

  • In iTunes, select the app from the list in the File Sharing section
  • Drag and drop files from a folder or window onto the Documents list to copy them to your device

Opening very large files and other processing tasks (e.g. first-time thumbnail generation) can take a while, especially if other apps are running in the background.

And last, but not least: this is NOT a photo editor. This is great graphic tool to view, examine, study, and enjoy image fine details.

Viewer for Very Large Images


Journal and diary app to keep a record of valuable days of your life, events, and feelings.

The App is available both on iPhone and iPad.

More (Mac)...      More (iPhone/iPad)...

iSentimental - lifelong journal and diary      iSentimental - lifelong journal and diary

  • Record events, feelings, health and fitness data for any day, week month or year
  • Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day over the years
  • Describe the day, week, month or year briefly, add a more detailed narrative and a picture
  • Use visual tags for your feelings and events
  • See Today's History when you first login, without manually starting the app
  • Countdowns for your Calendar and Reminders upcoming events
  • Select a special upcoming event and have its countdown on the menu bar and/or as an app icon badge
  • Simple and reliable backup/restore
  • Seamlessly sync the app data across your mobile devices and your Mac

iSentimental - Lifelong journal and diary

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders


View all your built-in calendar events and built-in reminders items in one consolidated, sorted by time list.

Special feature: Countdown counters for calendar events and reminders items.

More (iPhone/iPad) ...      More (Mac) ...

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders (iPhone/iPad)      TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders (Mac)


From SOFTPEDIA review:

The Calendar and Reminders applications that come integrated with the system are ideal for keeping track of upcoming events or tasks that you need to perform.

TimeTill is a small yet efficient application that brings all the information in the same user interface, allows you to filter the entries by calendar or importance, and lets you know how much time is left until each event.

Unsophisticated solution for centralizing Calendar and Reminders entries

Since all the information is already on the system, you get to use TimeTill without having to waste time adding the event details all over again.

TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders - Mac


Are you concerned with sugar overconsumption?

Do you wish to understand food labels better or educate and alert others about food and beverages sugar content?

If yes, then this app is the right tool for you!

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How Much Sugar Is It In Spoons Or Cubes      Sugar in Cubes or Spoons (Mac)

How much sugar

Sugar in Cubes & Spoons - Mac

Unicode Font Viewer
For Developers

Use this tool to browse through Unicode tables and check how given Unicode characters look (and if they are implemented at all) in any of the fonts installed on your device.

Find interesting characters to paste to text messages, social media, or within other apps.

Main features:

  • Search for a particular character by name or hexadecimal code point
  • Browse through Unicode characters by blocks
  • Select any Unicode block from a general or filtered list
  • View blocks using different fonts
  • Select a character in the character grid to see its magnified view, name, description, hex and decimal U+ code point as well as Utf-8 and Utf-16 byte sequences
  • Selected character is placed in pasteboard for use in any app using Unicode

Unicode Font Viewer

How much sugar

Travel Cash Tracker

Travel Cash Tracker

The App helps you manage cash during a trip in a fast and easy way!

No need to worry about receipts – just count cash on hand.

The App will let you know:

  • How much can you spend a day
  • Will you have enough cash to last until the end of the trip
  • How much cash do you have in total between your various stashes (purse, wallet, safe, etc.)

Travel Cash Tracker

Fighting Snakes

A new kind of the Snake game where one has to fight multiple evil snakes for space and food in order to survive.


Other Snake Games...

Fighting Snakes      YouTube

Fighting Snakes

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Unicode Font Viewer For Developers
TimeTill for Calendar and Reminders (iPhone/iPad and Mac)
Travel Cash Tracker
How Much Sugar Is It In Spoons Or Cubes (iPhone/iPad)
Sugar in Cubes & Spoons (Mac)
Fighting Snakes
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